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Fun with the undead.

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Looks great in any cubicle, especially when they turn the lights out. You can arrange them in little dioramas, perhaps with the Horrified B-Movie Victim Action Figures! details

If you or and your kids are familiar with the classic "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," and you're into zombies, well, then this is the book for you. "A blood-red moon shown down on a corpse that lay rotting beneath the ground..." details

Very cute, but raises an important question: if you're not old enough to walk, can you qualify among the walking undead? details

What to do when they come for you. details

In this interactive parody of the children's classic, you can "gut the zombie" and "put your finger through mommy's skull." Not really a kid's book. details

This 7" tail resin bank honors the famous statue of the president who freed the slaves, except this time, he's got brains on his mind. (Think of this the next time someone refers to the Republican party as the "party of Lincoln.") Use the coin slot in the back of his head to save for a rainy day. details

Are your zombies lonely? Maybe they need some cute little brain-eating companions. details

This squishy vinyl squeaking toy is 3.5 by 3.5 inches. Don't point out to people that you bought it; for maximum effect, just wait for them to casually notice your dog gnawing away at it. details

Stickers that show who's in a minivan's family are so cute, especially when the pets are there too! But not these stickers. This is a family of the walking undead. Fido holding Junior's right leg in his mouth actually is a bit cute, but the overall effect of these stickers is more Munster Mobile than minivan. details

Makeup, special effects, lighting, props, marketing, promotion—how to do it all. details