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Deconstruct this postmodernist critique, if you dare! details

Great civil rights pioneer, great historian, great beanie doll. details

Nickel-plated zinc alloy ninja stars have a nail replacing one point so that when you nail it into the wall it will look like someone just attacked, and you beat him so easily that you now mock his attempt by using his own weapons to hold up your coat. details

24 inches long, and quite realistic looking. details

Move up to this cute 3D picture of animals in the forest slowly... seriously, a motion detector sends them hiding. 14.5" x 10.5" x 2" deep, requires 4 AA batteries. details

Surely you and visitors to your kitchen can be more creative than whoever spelled the words shown in the picture. Includes over 100 tiles, with all Scrabble letters plus double word, triple word, and triple letter tiles. details

After adding pictures to this frame, add captions, speech bubbles, and thought balloons, then fill them out. 8.5 by 10.75 inches. details

How do you get a squirrel to put this hilarious head on? By putting some bird food in it. Has the added benefit of keeping them away from the actual bird feeders. details

At last, you can look cool while using an iPad. Just slide it into this desktop-sized arcade cabinet and control it with the built-in joystick and buttons. Lots of classic arcade games available to play on it. details

A Smurf floats in space, staring at you while you read. A little creepy, but it would be a lot weirder if it was Sandra Bullock. Uses 3 AAA batteries. details

Add faces—strange faces—to office objects, or to anything else. Liven up your stapler, your phone, your iPod... details

To paraphrase James Taylor, "Shower the people you love with phone." This bright red phone receiver screws right onto any standard shower hose and will look great in your bathroom. Not a real phone. (I mean, duh.) details

Store your books looming ominously over this little guy. And because it leans, you only need one. details

An evocative classic. No home disco is complete without it. You do have a home disco, right? details

Don't touch that dial! This 18.5" x 14" x 6" pillow looks like an old-fashioned TV, complete with fake wood panelling and fake dial with 13 channels. details

These magnets look like chewed gum in some lovely hues. Put up something on the fridge with this, and no one will take it down. details

Made of silicone and dishwasher safe, so better for eating off of than actual vinyl records, although you could probably use real CDs as accompanying coasters. details

This set of six 1" candles will not explode, but they're bound to put your guests on edge, especially if they've seen a lot of Roadrunner cartoons. details

Lights up the water coming out of the faucet, with the color changing to show the temperature of the water. details

This 12 x 8.5" picture is thick enough to look like an actual grate mounted on the wall. Get four and put them on all of a room's walls for a homey, comforting effect. details

Each is seven inches across. We're talking giant googly eyes. Anything will look more interesting, especially things that move around, because they'll make the eyes google. details

At last, the ultimate hipster cat toy. The wheel of steel is actually recycled cardboard, which cats love to scratch. And, check out the excellent stickers. details

Finish your shower feeling that special glow, and knowing the atomic number for the most famous of radioactive elements. Human tested and vegan friendly. details

When they say "horror movie," they basically mean "Psycho." The matching bloody footprint bathmat is a nice touch. 100% polyester! details

This 4" finger puppet will stare at you disdainfully as it rejects the labels of post-structuralism and postmodernism. details

What kind of kitchen timer would a real hipster have? Duh, just look at the picture. 55 minutes maximum, in case that's an issue. details

Who knew that a rubber duck could be so menacing? details