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Religious gifts to increase your devotion. Or to at least give it a sense of humor.

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Feel the healing power of the Lord on your cuts and scrapes! Each tin contains a bonus trinket. details

It's not transubstantiated until the right guy performs the right ceremony (and apparently, it has to be a guy) but still, these appear to be the real thing. details

It's like we always say, "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare." OK, we never say that. Did you know that this cult was only founded in 1966? Not so old after all. Includes latex headpiece with pony tail attached. One more thing: be real careful if you wear this to the airport. details

Nine ceramic computer keys let you build your own geeky Menorah. details

Poor St. Sebastian: filled with arrows for his faith, and later called by the impeccable Wikipedia "plausibly the earliest gay icon." Now his suffering can join yours as you do your sewing with this 8 1/2" tall pincushion. details

Perhaps Sheila K. Butt's finest work. From the official product description: "Seth and Sara learn that God loves all people, even those who are disobeying Him. But they also learn that the only way to have a relationship with God is to stop sinning and turn to Jesus...a professionally designed and illustrated book that promotes God’s love for all individuals, while at the same time showing, in a loving way, that homosexuality is out of harmony with Bible teaching." We're just happy that it wasn't designed and illustrated by amateurs. details

When you open up this wallet, everyone around you will hear heavenly harmonies. According to the vendor, "Don't be surprised if people stop to pray to it." details

Look, the vendor gave it the name "Jesus/Pharoah" costume, not us, but this costume's ability to pull double duty really adds to its value. With beard: Jesus! Without: Pharoah! Great for one-man shows. details

A perfectly normal plain mug—but as you're finishing up your coffee—the last little bit forms an image on the bottom—it's a BVM! The Blessed Virgin Mary! It's a minor miracle! details

"Contains one hundred mints that you can share with your apostles." details