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Gag gifts to really make you gag. People love this stuff.

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Grow up! No snickering from you, Mr. Smarty Pants! It means rooster, so it's basically chicken soup that happens to be spicy! I said, stop snickering! details

BOING! Not to be confused with the Miami Sound Machine. AOOGA! 25 cartoon noises available at the touch of a button. SPLAT! Hear for yourself in this YouTube video. details

Here, let me light that for you... or shoot foam out of my fake lighter, capable of going five feet! Comes with a can of foam stuff. details

There are a lot of cute, precious kites out there. This isn't one of them, but will send a clear message to those other kites. details

You know it's groovy because it says so right on it. Cheap, too. details

Your cat can be a unicat! You'd think that cats would hate this, but it says "CATS LOVE IT!" right on the box. details

This long, flowing, yet removable mullet will make you very cool, in the "ironic" sense of the word "cool." details

Basically, a dog ball, but dogs who pick up the ball part in their mouths will appear to have giant smoochable lips. details

Give someone the brief thrill of thinking that they've won $10,000. What a great way to tell someone that they're a winner... no, actually, a loser! details

Someone needs a happy clown? A sad clown? A nasty clown? Keep this in your glove compartment and you'll be ready for anything. details

After you use this, guess how clean your hands will be. details

Many years from now archaeologists will find these and learn much about our civilization. Each player wears a hat with a bit of velcro here and there, and then they throw fake poop (with its own velcro) at the other player's head, trying to make that poopy velcro connection. details

At last, the ultimate hipster cat toy. The wheel of steel is actually recycled cardboard, which cats love to scratch. And, check out the excellent stickers. details

At last, this classic comedy prop is available in a tasteful sterling silver with a matching chain. details

Who's the craziest, and who can collect the most cats? Gain more by landing on spaces like “Save a Cat Stuck in a Tree” and “Rescue Grumpy Old Cat From Pound.” But watch out for spaces that take cats from you like “Beware of Dog” and “Kitten Distracted by Bit of Fluff.” Includes a game board with spinner, four game pieces with plastic stands, fifty 5/8" tall plastic cats and four Wildcat cards. Crazy Cat Lady Costumes not included but recommended. details

Self-explanatory. details

Different fart sounds! Different delay times! And it's electronic! details

7" plate has plush wiener schnitzel, with a side of fries, a slice of lemon, and some ketchup. details