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Apparently, this makes it possible to do that trick where you pull coins out of things. Don't settle for amateur coin pails! details

Creepy masks are usually more of a Halloween thing, but this is ideal for Thanksgiving, or even Christmas. Vendor says "Realistic coloring and detail," so you know it's great! details

Make cupcakes that look like skulls, then follow the included recipe to add a frosting brain. Alas poor Yorick, you sure look tasty! details

Baby anything is cute right? Well, maybe not disembodied baby arms, but when they're soap, they'll help keep you clean. They're scented like baby powder, which will add to the clean feeling and/or creep people out more. details

Bite down on these fake teeth and the "mouth piece flashes in a rainbow of colors." details

How do you get a squirrel to put this hilarious head on? By putting some bird food in it. Has the added benefit of keeping them away from the actual bird feeders. details

Use them for—OK, we don't want to know. details

This 4.5" tall bloodshot eyeball is wearing a shriner fez for an extra creepy touch. A couple of them, bobbling together on your back dashboard facing cars behind you, would be especially great. details

Self-explanatory. details

Remember Harry Anderson from the TV show Night Court? He was big into magic, and marketed this fine-looking stage blood. details

These magnets look like chewed gum in some lovely hues. Put up something on the fridge with this, and no one will take it down. details

There's always room for Jello! We like to add little pieces of fruit when we use it. details

This 12 x 8.5" picture is thick enough to look like an actual grate mounted on the wall. Get four and put them on all of a room's walls for a homey, comforting effect. details

Sing the song Love Hurts to yourself, substituting the word "Rats" for "Hurts," and then just try to resist these adorable creatures. 4 1/4" vinyl, and you get the pair. details

When they say "horror movie," they basically mean "Psycho." The matching bloody footprint bathmat is a nice touch. 100% polyester! details

Hot and cold running blue and red water! details

Just look at the picture. How great are these? Works with black lights as well. 12 pieces. details

Ask a question with a yes or no answer and look inside this 5 1/2 x 4 x 4" box. If the cat's alive; treat it as a yes; otherwise, a no. And you'll be witnessing the most popular metaphor for one of the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics! The Wikipedia page about the Austrian physicist's 1935 cat story says "after a while, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead." Whoa! details