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hipstergifts.com is no longer actively maintained. Many links still work, but over time, fewer and fewer will. If you're interested in buying the domain name and, optionally, the data and scripts used to generate the site, see the contact page.

Our web hosting service. We've used them for years and are very happy. Their response to questions is especially quick.

Aimed at "wild" people. Head shop stuff, beer- and skateboard-related items, body piercing, jewelry made from bullets...

Shop At beWild.com

Ignore the Star Trek/Wars/etc. stuff and you'll find some clever, fun, high-tech gadgets.

ThinkGeek - Cool Stuff for Geeks and Technophiles

Gag gifts, big on gross stuff.

hipstergifts.com's own merchandise.

Musical instruments and accessories: high-end, low-end, and everything in between.

Licensed pop culture stuff, sex stuff (or, as their web site calls it, "luv stuff"), and more.

SpencersOnline.com - Life's a Party!

Funny T-shirts and cute models.

"Entertain your inner child." A lot of the same things as other gag gift sites, but many things that aren't. Great kitchen and baby stuff.

Their domain name alone is priceless. Gift categories include "Poop shop," "Intellectually stupid," and "Stupid hats."

Halloween Costumes by Stupid.com

In 2005, biochemist Alex Santoso needed a hobby and decided to check out the hullabaloo about blogging. He started a blog about all things neat and interesting on the Web called Neatorama. Fast forward a few years later, 'lil Neato grew to be one of the Internet's largest blogs with nearly 20 million annual visitors. Since the blog already features a lot of neat and interesting stuff every day, it's only logical that the next step was to sell neat and interesting stuff! So the online store was born.

Fancy expensive watches, fancy inexpensive watches, and much more. A really odd mix of posters.

The name pretty much says it all. The Iggy one alone makes them worth it, but they have a lot of cool stuff.


Funny philosopher-related stuff (e.g. Foucalt and Derrida finger puppets) and interesting other stuff as well.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

"A zillion things home." Got that? We don't, but they have a lot of good Elvis stuff.

Lots of strange costume categories, including both "Sexy Military Costumes" and "Religion Costumes."

T-shirts, hoodies, and baby creepers with a wide range of bands on them.

Aimed at professional and amateur magicians. Lots of books that explain how to do specific tricks and props for doing small and large tricks. The website provides an interesting glimpse into one of the original geeky subcultures.

Perhaps you've heard of them.