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52 classic moments to review while you play poker, solitaire, or whatever you like. details

After about an hour of assembly time, you'll have a real double-lens reflex camera—the kind you hold in front of you and look down into, taking pictures with real film that you send off to a developer who will send back vivid color prints. Or use black and white film for a real old-school photography effect. This looks so cool we were tempted to put it under fashion accessories. details

You can try to line up your knuckle and thumbtip, or you can use this and really hit your target. And it's pocket-sized! details

Toggle the switch and they whirl their weapons at the hanging dummy. details

Not to be confused with the "Wizard of Oz" flying monkeys. details

Apparently, this makes it possible to do that trick where you pull coins out of things. Don't settle for amateur coin pails! details

BOING! Not to be confused with the Miami Sound Machine. AOOGA! 25 cartoon noises available at the touch of a button. SPLAT! Hear for yourself in this YouTube video. details

This isn't some Colorforms set of characters from a TV show, like many of us had as kids, but a reproduction of the original 1951 Colorforms. Make Russian Constructivist artwork without even trying! details

Talk about Magic Value: 72 different magic tricks at a bargain price. details

Sure, your paper airplane looks cool and glides for a while before it touches down, but wouldn't it be cooler if it had a motorized propeller to push it further? Add this thing to your airplane, charge it up from the little charger (3 AA batteries required), then watch it go. details

These look pretty opaque, and would look pretty strange floating around the room. And they're stain-free! details

Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, and Marky (the sunglasses suggest Tommy, but it looks more like Marky's hair) as 3.75" tall teddy bears. details

Make your own World Bank notes, complete with all those symbols that people put on money. If you do a really good job and try to use your money to buy things in a store, you could end up in jail, so don't get any ideas. details

A strategy game, like chess, but with an important difference: real lasers. Mirrors redirect the lasers; zap the Pharaoh and you win. details

Bounce this thing and an LED inside the eye will flash. Nice, right? Choice of three colors, 2.5" diameter. details

Two ice trays: put water in one and juice in the other, freeze them, and you'll have the most chillin' chess set ever. Play a quick game of chess (board not included) or put them in your drinks. Or play a game, and each time you capture a piece, put it in your drink. details

If you're too young to remember Count Chocula and the related cold cereal mascots from the early seventies, check out this excellent YouTube video of one of the ads. Also available: Frankenberry and Boo Berry. 4" tall, vinyl. details

Put a coin on it, and brown or white kitty (your choice) pops out of the brown cardboard box with Japanese writing on it and grabs it, then meows. Everybody wins. details