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People behind you will never know that you're watching them when you wear these shades that have built-in mirrors to see what's behind you. And, they look pretty cool even without their special powers. details

Slip these washable nylon sleeves over your arm, and it will look like you have some serious tattoos. Choice of twelve designs ranging from badass to really badass. details

That distinctive smell, available in a spray bottle. An actual Hasbro product, not some clever boutique thing; they say that it's "meant for highly-creative people, who seek a whimsical scent reminiscent of their childhood." details

This pewter pendant really looks like a heart, and you can wear it over yours. It has auricles, ventricles, the whole deal, in pewter on two sterling silver chains. details

Bite down on these fake teeth and the "mouth piece flashes in a rainbow of colors." details

These colorful zipper pouches are shaped like various germs, and as you can see, look particularly great with something in their little mouths. details

iPad case has rubber feet, felt backing, and retractable kick stands to prop your iPad up at an angle, and cut-outs to give you access to the important plugs and switches. And, everything you view will look like it's on an Etch-a-Sketch screen. details

Use them for—OK, we don't want to know. details

My Hello Kitty is an angry Hello Kitty, and she's also an excellent purse. Durable vinyl with embroidered face, leather bow with embroidered skull, and six credit card pockets. details

Reminds us of the classic line in Toy Story "We need more monkeys!" Solid sterling 1 1/2" charm is cast from an actual Barrel O'Monkey. Comes with a 17" chain. details

This long, flowing, yet removable mullet will make you very cool, in the "ironic" sense of the word "cool." details

Lifelike synthetic hair with adhesive backing. If you bought one of these for someone else, it would be a true hipster gift. details

For the pierced biologist: these 3D double-helixes are about one inch long, so they're not very gaudy, and they're coated with pure silver. details

My, what big eyes you have! Vendor sez "Buy a bunch so you and your friends can act out your own anime and post it online, because that’s how it’s done." These would look great with a simple white racing helmet. details

Not just any peace medallion—a hippie peace medallion. details

Sterling silver pendant of a caffeine molecule on a silver chain. Designed by a wayward Ph.D. post-grad in molecular biophysics. details

Plug this into your phone's audio jack, and it will look like a spray can. Threaten to spray people with it. It'll be great. details

Backpack version of a movie prop so cool that it has its own Wikipedia page. But remember the words of Dr. Peter Venkman: "Why worry? Each one of us is carrying an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back." details

Someone needs a happy clown? A sad clown? A nasty clown? Keep this in your glove compartment and you'll be ready for anything. details

This would make a great all-around purse, but being insulated, you can store lunch in it. (We recommend that, unlike whoever set up this picture, you put your peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a Baggie, or things could get messy inside the eyeball lunch bag pretty quickly.) details

Maybe it's a Cheerio, maybe it's a Fruit Loop, maybe it's an Apple Jack but it's in solid sterling silver, so you'll never know. Wrapped in a nice gift box! details

At last, this classic comedy prop is available in a tasteful sterling silver with a matching chain. details

This 11" x 4" backpack includes a "play mat," one Hot Wheel car, and room for plenty more. details

These nice, clean, FDA-approved temporary tattoos will make your shoes or sneakers look very gross. Fake bird shit, fake blood, and more. details

This 8-1/4" by 4" by 1/4" zippered purse is a very cool way to hold money, earbuds, cosmetics, whatever. details

Don't settle for regular unicorn bandages. Magical healing powers, unless you're allergic to latex. details