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Legendary jazz bassist Charles Mingus' autobiography. More about his sex life than music; chock full of useful tips for the guys! details

Arthur, Jerry, David Jo, Syl, and of course, Johnny. details

A classic percussion instrument for latin music at a great price. details

Punk rock is so over—in fact, it was in 1978. details

Available in several colors, but if you watch the movie Woodstock before ordering, you'll go with the cherry. details

While you play this drumset with your fingers, it records you, and you can loop it. details

Not enough guitar picks? Too many expired credit cards, and other sheets of useless plastic? Become your own guitar pick factory with this excellent invention. details

Now you too can have More Cowbell. details

"How to start a band, book gigs, and get rolling to rock stardom." Parts of the cover look goofy ("write a rad song") but if Joan Jett endorses it, we can't argue. details

Hendrix on "Voodoo Chile"! Clapton on "White Room!" This is it—the original Crybaby Wah Wah pedal. details

Nice clean font, nice clean washing machine. details

Listen to your tunes with these ear buds and you will clearly be very plugged in. details

Other DJs have T-shirts with animated EQ, but you go one better: a T-shirt with a DJ with a T-shirt with animated EQ. The changing display actually does react to music around it. Requires 4 AAA batteries, as you might imagine. (Not included.) details

Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, and Marky (the sunglasses suggest Tommy, but it looks more like Marky's hair) as 3.75" tall teddy bears. details

Build your own uke! Decorate it any way you like. They're easy to play, and everyone will be very impressed that you made it yourself. details

Gets the job done. Also available in other colors. details

E is the most popular key for acoustic blues; play an A harp with that and draw more notes than you blow, and it will sound bluesy. (Or get a D harp to play with a band playing in A, etc.) details

According to the New Yorker, "Morbidly funny … this book has something for all ages. For the grandparent, a nostalgic game of find the Who reference; the parent, a sad reminder of how cool things used to be; and for the kid, tucked into bed listening to the the most inappropriate bed time story ever, a lesson: old people are weird [and] alcohol kills." details

Classic amps, weird guitars (like that teardrop thing Brian Jones had) and now a T-shirt! details

There are too many books out there by pompous rock crits blathering on how punk rock, punk fashion, and punk everything else came about. This isn't one of those books. It's a series of stories told by all the key people and their friends who hung out with them, transcribed by two editors who were witnesses to the scene from the beginning. A real oral history. Just look at the William S. Burroughs blurb on the cover. details

Tap the drums on the shirt's picture and hear them. Lay down a fat beat. Need proof? Watch the video. Also available in kid's sizes. details

The vendor calls it a "Flipper guitar spatula," but just look at it: it's a Strat. (Interested in a small Squire real one?) 100% silicone, tested up to 500 degrees, perfect for pancakes, burgers, and anything that needs to be cooked in a hot pan and occasionally flipped. details

Obviously it's Johnny Ramone, but the only writing is in Japanese. We're assuming that it's his name. details

Gets the job done, and includes the ever-important whammy bar. Also available in other colors. details

A serious old-school analog synth (VCO, VFO, LFO) from one of the classic names in the field, priced just over stocking stuff level. Check out this video, and also look into their Duo Analog ribbon synth. details

The Fender Precision is the quintessential rock and roll bass; the Squier version looks very close but costs much, much less. Also available in blue and red, and they have a "J" bass for fans of Fender's Jazz bass. details

Who played Gretsch drums? Elvin Jones, Philly Joe Jones, Art Blakey, Charlie Watts, Mikey Dolenz, the Linkin Park guy... details

3/4 size, also available in black, which may look cooler, but red Strats can look cool too. details