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As it says on the box, "IT LOOKS LIKE A REGULAR BULB... BUT IT LIGHTS IN YOUR HAND." People of a certain generation still call them Uncle Fester light bulbs. details

Lights refresh 6,500 times per second, making it possible for colors to modulate into over 4,000 shades, making lots of trippy random pictures. details

Sure Commissioner Gordon had the red batphone, but in a real emergency, he projected the bat logo up in the sky, and now you can too, if by "the sky" you mean "your ceiling." And, the Mini-Batman Mini-Bat Signal comes with a Mini-book. details

These look pretty opaque, and would look pretty strange floating around the room. And they're stain-free! details

When you blow bubbles from this liquid, they glow under a blacklight, with that special flourescent blacklight glow. details

Put one of the included 50 clear sheets on this TV, draw a picture or write a note, and with the special glasses on your writing will hover in 3D in front of the television. details

After exposure to an ultraviolet black light, these sneakers glow in the dark. Would look very cool with an all-black outfit. details

An evocative classic. No home disco is complete without it. You do have a home disco, right? details

Basically, you'll look like some one from TRON, even to someone who isn't trippin' balls. details

Bounce this thing and an LED inside the eye will flash. Nice, right? Choice of three colors, 2.5" diameter. details

Basically like Silly String (although not using that registered trademark name) with an excellent improvement: it glows under blacklight. So, when it's spraying through the air... well, just imagine. details

Lights up the water coming out of the faucet, with the color changing to show the temperature of the water. details

Pimp your two-wheeled ride: ride at a good speed and your wheel looks like a glowing circle. These LED lights on the spokes of one wheel looks great, but on the spokes of both wheels and you will look like you rode right out of either Tron movie. Requires two 3V Lithium 2016 coin-cell batteries (included). details

Umbrella shaft lights up to light your way. And to look really cool. details

This 11 foot string of 30 lights run on 3 AA batteries, so instead of being tied to an outlet, you can put them anywhere for festive and/or creepy effects. This gentleman has opted for the latter. details

Set of 3 almost 4" wide. If you charge them up and drop them on someone who used to play a lot of Space Invaders while they're trying to sleep, they'll find it very memorable. details

Hot and cold running blue and red water! details

Just look at the picture. How great are these? Works with black lights as well. 12 pieces. details

You could tie an actual bow on a gift, or you could do it the modern way and use wrapping paper with a fake bow that looks like a 3D bow to someone with the right glasses. Includes two pairs of the right glasses. details

Make up your own messages, and they display in different patterns. How about "Help, I'm a fan"? details