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Consumption of liquids, alcoholic or otherwise.

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Your Legos will snap right onto the holes all over this mug, giving you plenty to do during really boring meetings. details

Hipsters just love their Sriracha, and when you drink water from this bottle (or rather, from these bottles, because you get two of them) they'll think you're chugging the stuff. Holds 16 ounces and BPA-free. details

Hipsters love Mason jar anything, especially when it comes to consuming alcohol, and this set of four shotglasses gives an excellent faux redneck touch whether you're drinking moonshine or something fancier. details

Make no mistake, this is definitely a flask, but isn't it the cutest one you've ever seen? Maybe cute enough that people won't know it's a flask, which can be handy. details

Drink with the greatest drinkers in history: Baudelaire! Churchill! Dorothy Parker! And that's only half of them. (A clue: the rest are accomplished writers as well.) details

Sure, there are lots of gimmicky cocktail shakers out there, but with a few cubes in this one, shaking it will look and sound like you're ready to do some Wild Style tagging. details

Opens bottles and stores 8 GB of data. You'll truly be ready for anything. details

Two ice trays: put water in one and juice in the other, freeze them, and you'll have the most chillin' chess set ever. Play a quick game of chess (board not included) or put them in your drinks. Or play a game, and each time you capture a piece, put it in your drink. details

A perfectly normal plain mug—but as you're finishing up your coffee—the last little bit forms an image on the bottom—it's a BVM! The Blessed Virgin Mary! It's a minor miracle! details

We assume that most of the cost (at this writing, $48 and up) is for shipping. Check out the excellent comments that go with the description. details

Drink your hot drinks scientifically. details

Now you can serve up the famous drink! Probably not actually flammable, which would be for the best. details

Spell anything you want in ice... or Jell-O or butter! details

Made of stone in Vermont. Chill them with your freezer, then chill your drinks with them, without watering down your drinks like ice does. Despite their name, they're excellent for martinis, keeping them cold without bruising the gin. details

Ice cube tray makes four ocean liner and four iceberg cubes for disaster-themed drinks. Just add gin, Leo DiCaprio, and Kate Winslet; hold the Celine Dion. details