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Products with or about lasers, because we're well into the twenty-first century.

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So futuristic, so useful: this cube projects a glowing red keyboard onto a flat surface, and then it works as a real keyboard. See the video. The marketing plays up the iPad/iPhone angle, but it works with Android devices, Windows, Mac OS, and Blackberry tablets. details

Two glow-in-the-dark guns per order send infrared signals to each other to light up a light on the other gun. When all your little lights are lit, you lost the game. details

We're one step closer to the future, in which everything has a laser attached. Today's step toward the future: scissors! Cut straight and true. details

A strategy game, like chess, but with an important difference: real lasers. Mirrors redirect the lasers; zap the Pharaoh and you win. details

Sure you cat's good with mice, but how does he or she handle lasers? This thing generates random jumpy patterns of a little red laser dot that will definitely keep your cat busy. details