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Based on the 1965 VW Camper Van, and pretty close to life size. This YouTube video shows how to set it up and what it looks like on the inside, although the video's music is not as groovy as we would have expected. details

I'm more sanctimonious than you are. details

This silver die-cut sticker can attach to nearly anything, but if you put two on your truck's mudflaps, everyone will know that this truck driver finds brainy girls sexy. Available facing left and right so that your mudflaps will be symmetrical. details

This 4.5" tall bloodshot eyeball is wearing a shriner fez for an extra creepy touch. A couple of them, bobbling together on your back dashboard facing cars behind you, would be especially great. details

Stickers that show who's in a minivan's family are so cute, especially when the pets are there too! But not these stickers. This is a family of the walking undead. Fido holding Junior's right leg in his mouth actually is a bit cute, but the overall effect of these stickers is more Munster Mobile than minivan. details

Question authority! Free Tibet! Save the whales! Heed trite slogans! details