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A Smurf floats in space, staring at you while you read. A little creepy, but it would be a lot weirder if it was Sandra Bullock. Uses 3 AAA batteries. details

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This 4.5" tall bloodshot eyeball is wearing a shriner fez for an extra creepy touch. A couple of them, bobbling together on your back dashboard facing cars behind you, would be especially great. details

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You can't go wrong with a David Sedaris book. You know it will be well written and very, very funny. details

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We assume that most of the cost (at this writing, $48 and up) is for shipping. Check out the excellent comments that go with the description. details

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Made of silicone and dishwasher safe, so better for eating off of than actual vinyl records, although you could probably use real CDs as accompanying coasters. details

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We're sure that this is all properly licensed with EPE, but it has the weird edge of Elvis folk art. Check out the intense stare of the Elvis on the right. At four feet by five feet, this could really work as a tapestry. details

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For the pierced biologist: these 3D double-helixes are about one inch long, so they're not very gaudy, and they're coated with pure silver. details

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Different fart sounds! Different delay times! And it's electronic! details

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Baby anything is cute right? Well, maybe not disembodied baby arms, but when they're soap, they'll help keep you clean. They're scented like baby powder, which will add to the clean feeling and/or creep people out more. details

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iPad case has rubber feet, felt backing, and retractable kick stands to prop your iPad up at an angle, and cut-outs to give you access to the important plugs and switches. And, everything you view will look like it's on an Etch-a-Sketch screen. details

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Each is seven inches across. We're talking giant googly eyes. Anything will look more interesting, especially things that move around, because they'll make the eyes google. details

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Compilation from the series that included "Strange Stories for Strange Kids." Edited by Art Spiegelman, featuring Maurice Sendak, Jules Feiffer, David Sedaris, and more. Get it for your favorite strange kid. details

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A strategy game, like chess, but with an important difference: real lasers. Mirrors redirect the lasers; zap the Pharaoh and you win. details

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"How to start a band, book gigs, and get rolling to rock stardom." Parts of the cover look goofy ("write a rad song") but if Joan Jett endorses it, we can't argue. details

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"Contains one hundred mints that you can share with your apostles." details

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Or.... is it? Available in men's and women's sizes. details

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Put one of the included 50 clear sheets on this TV, draw a picture or write a note, and with the special glasses on your writing will hover in 3D in front of the television. details

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The best melting clock we've seen. This one looks very similar to the front-left clock on Dali's The Persistence of Memory, and it actually works. details

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Very cute, but raises an important question: if you're not old enough to walk, can you qualify among the walking undead? details

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