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Cool Christmas gifts, funny Christmas gifts. Or just take the advice of Bill Murray in "Scrooged": "Towel, towel, towel."

That's "ABC" as in "Already Been Chewed." Make some very sad gingerbread men! details

This 11 foot string of 30 lights run on 3 AA batteries, so instead of being tied to an outlet, you can put them anywhere for festive and/or creepy effects. This gentleman has opted for the latter. details

There are plenty of unicorn Christmas ornaments, but how many are wearing lederhosen, proudly standing 5.75" tall on their hind (human-like) legs? Only this one. details

For the unbeliever on your list. Or if you are not into any religion yourself, this sixteen-inch high stocking shows everyone that you too would like some presents as long as they're being doled out. details

Individually wrapped, so you can hang them on the tree and people can still eat them. Hot. Sweet. Sweet! details

Your basic Santa hat, but in black instead of red, and with BAH HUMBUG on the trim. Excellent for office Christmas parties. details

Cookies that you make with these excellent cookie cutters will silently sneak up and kill regular gingerbread men in the dead of night. Each approximately 4 inches by 3 inches. details

Get it? "Gingerbread men"? "Gingerdead men"? This five-inch high cookie cutter has a stamp on the other side to make the outline of the bones. Adds a macabre touch to your Christmas cheer. details

If your Christmas tree looks too calm, these will help. Choice of astronaut, snowboarding, or bobsledding Domos. details

Word magnets like "screw you," "fat man," "exploitation," "cheap," and "scrooge" let your inner elf write eloquent fridge poetry about it feels about working for Santa. details

If Super Mario had a Christmas wreath, this would be it. 10.5" x 13" x 1.125", and requires two AA batteries to really sparkle. details

Christmas tunes by John Lee Hooker, Lightning Hopkins, Sonny Boy Williamson, Louis Jordan, and more. details

Your friend's new baby will get several "Baby's 1st Christmas ornament" gifts. Yours will be more accurate. details

It's on Rhino, so you know it's good. Eartha Kitt's "Santa Baby," Lena Horne, Miles Davis, Lionel Hampton, Pearl Bailey, Louis Armstrong and someone we've never heard of named John Greer with the excellent "(We Wanna See) Santa Claus Do the Mambo." Hipsters' Holidays indeed. details