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Remember Harry Anderson from the TV show Night Court? He was big into magic, and marketed this fine-looking stage blood. details

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I'm more sanctimonious than you are. details

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There are too many books out there by pompous rock crits blathering on how punk rock, punk fashion, and punk everything else came about. This isn't one of those books. It's a series of stories told by all the key people and their friends who hung out with them, transcribed by two editors who were witnesses to the scene from the beginning. A real oral history. Just look at the William S. Burroughs blurb on the cover. details

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Make no mistake, this is definitely a flask, but isn't it the cutest one you've ever seen? Maybe cute enough that people won't know it's a flask, which can be handy. details

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What's the best way to learn to cook Japanese food? One word: Manga! This Japanese manga cookbook will teach you how to make rice balls, yakitori, udon noodles and more—and, how to make bento boxes! details

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This cardboard standup of Elvis in his gold suit has a motion-activated speaker that plays Elvis saying "Hi, this is Elvis Presley," "Well thanks for letting me talk to you," and of course, "Thank you very much." details

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This 8-1/4" by 4" by 1/4" zippered purse is a very cool way to hold money, earbuds, cosmetics, whatever. details

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This 12 x 8.5" picture is thick enough to look like an actual grate mounted on the wall. Get four and put them on all of a room's walls for a homey, comforting effect. details

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Opens bottles and stores 8 GB of data. You'll truly be ready for anything. details

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At last, the ultimate hipster cat toy. The wheel of steel is actually recycled cardboard, which cats love to scratch. And, check out the excellent stickers. details

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My, what big eyes you have! Vendor sez "Buy a bunch so you and your friends can act out your own anime and post it online, because that’s how it’s done." These would look great with a simple white racing helmet. details

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We're one step closer to the future, in which everything has a laser attached. Today's step toward the future: scissors! Cut straight and true. details

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Available in several colors, but if you watch the movie Woodstock before ordering, you'll go with the cherry. details

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The little cubic zirconia jewels in his crown of thorns make this pretty intense. 2.9" high. details

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Look, the vendor gave it the name "Jesus/Pharoah" costume, not us, but this costume's ability to pull double duty really adds to its value. With beard: Jesus! Without: Pharoah! Great for one-man shows. details

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A strategy game, like chess, but with an important difference: real lasers. Mirrors redirect the lasers; zap the Pharaoh and you win. details

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Make up your own messages, and they display in different patterns. How about "Help, I'm a fan"? details

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Doesn't just tell you the day of the month, but the day as well—in this case, FRIDAY. How great is that? details

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Looks great in any cubicle, especially when they turn the lights out. You can arrange them in little dioramas, perhaps with the Horrified B-Movie Victim Action Figures! details

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